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Recently the regulations in the field of logistics got more and more, but thanks to our many years of experience, your goods reach their destination safely. Our company is always in the position to find the best solution for your shipment - from a simple shipment to dangerous goods transports. 


Reasons why to choose UNIVERSUM​​
Fracht Container
Due to the economic boom we´re in these days, it often becomes extremely difficult to calculate and understand price, capacity and freight volume. Therefore it becomes essential to work together with a partner with major experience in this are, in order to fulfill all customer requests. 
  • Thanks to our products we can respond goal- oriented to our customers wishes.
  • Thanks to our professional team you don´t have to worry anymore about anything concerning logistics. We will stand up for any compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Meanwhile we will take care of your transports, you can focus on your core business.
We assure you
  • global availability
  • reliable transit times
  • optional freight insurance
  • End - to - end transparency
  • Optional customs clearance
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